A Day of Stress-Free Adventure

With the Frisco Lodge and Adventure Feet First

You’re here because you are planning an adventure to Summit County, Colorado…right? We’re not psychic, we just know you got details on this deal from the Frisco Lodge in Frisco, Colorado. We have teamed up with them to offer a full day of stress-free adventure to their guests. For just $50 you will receive an itinerary that is customized to the activities you love.

This day of adventure will be all about you and your friends, family or whomever you choose to explore with. Yup, that includes your dog and/or your imaginary friend…we’re not here to judge, we’re here to get you outside to soak up the beauty of the Colorado Rockies.+ Paddling in Summit County

Use the form below to let us know a bit more about what you already have in mind for your trip to Summit County. Tell us about how sweaty you want to get, what sort of activities you love [and hate, that’s important too!] and what you’re looking to get out of this day of exploration. When you hit “Submit Request For Adventure” that information will land in our inbox so I can start plotting out your adventure. We’ll get back to you within about 72 hours with an itinerary. After you give it a solid once-over we will be here for one round of feedback/requests…then you’re off on vacation!

Step One: Book your stay at the Frisco Lodge.
Step Two: Tell us when you’ll be here and what you want to do while you’re here [in that form below!].
Step Three: Complete the $50 payment for a day of stress-free exploring [you’ll receive an email with a link].
Step Four: Receive an itinerary for a full day of adventure, customized to what you love doing.
Step Five: Arrive at the Frisco Lodge and begin your adventure!

Summit County Adventure Questionnaire

...fill out with as much detail as possible!

Want a sneak peek of what Summit County has to offer? Check it out here: Summit County Sneak Peek.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adventure Feet First is owned and operated by Heidi Berghammer, an outdoor loving Summit County resident. She is a multi-sport athlete with a passion for travel. As the primary architect behind the adventures offered she is often outside seeking out new ways to share Summit County with others. Her go-to activity is trail running, but you’ll also find her mountain biking, bike-packing, snowboarding, backcountry touring, kayaking, hiking, backpacking…and all the other things. Heidi is the voice, smile and human behind Adventure Feet First. This is an ideal role for her as it allows her to use 15+ years of hospitality, customer service and adventure planning to create the perfect vacation for anyone looking to get outside without the stress of planning. Find more details here: Who We Are.

The ultimate goal at Adventure Feet First is to get outdoor enthusiasts…outdoors! In most cases this involves creating a customized itinerary filled with adventure. Each itinerary is created based upon what the individual, group or family is interested in, where they are traveling, how much time they have and the budget they are working with. The custom itineraries range from single-day logistics to weeks of travel planning.

The first step to an adventure itinerary is to gather accurate information. This is done with the questionnaire above. There is no such thing as too much information — the more the guest shares, the more personalized the itinerary will be.

Once the guest has provided detailed information about what they would like to do in Summit County I will start working on their itinerary. There will be some communication between myself and the guest to verify details or offer variations. When everyone is comfortable with the details a final itinerary is created. This itinerary will be sent directly to the guest and the adventure will begin!

As soon as possible! The more lead time the more likely rentals/reservations/etc will be available if needed.

At the very least, a single-day itinerary needs to be initiated via the Adventure Feet First booking form one week prior to arrival. A 3-4 day weekend itinerary needs to have a booking form submitted two weeks prior to arrival. Anything longer than a 3-4 day weekend itinerary should be initiated at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

Prices vary by individual itinerary due to the level of customization. The guests’ budget is taken into consideration and the offering can be adjusted if needed. The biggest factors that contribute to the final cost include: number of activities, various skills/wants within a group, number of days planned, etc.

For reference, a single-day itinerary for Summit County starts at $75 and includes about six hours of adventure, with logistics planned and a cafe/restaurant recommendation. It would be customized to the individuals/families preferred activities — one main activity (paddle boarding, fly fishing, mountain biking, etc) and a few secondary activities (festivals, concerts, easy hikes, etc).

In short, no. Adventure Feet First will provide the guest with the link or phone number to make these reservations, but will not confirm any reservations. It may be possible to put a 24hour/short-term hold on space or equipment, but the guest will be required to confirm the reservation.

This is because of how much information is required for each person participating in the activity and the liability of payment.