A Day of Stress-Free Adventure

With the Frisco Lodge and Adventure Feet First

You’re here because you are planning an adventure to Summit County, Colorado…right? I’m not psychic, I just know you got details on this deal from the Frisco Lodge in Frisco, Colorado. I have teamed up with them to offer a full day of stress-free adventure to their guests. For just $50 you will receive an itinerary that is customized to the activities you love.

This day of adventure will be all about you and your friends, family or whomever you choose to explore with. Yup, that includes your dog and/or your imaginary friend…I’m not here to judge, I’m here to get you outside to soak up the beauty of the Colorado Rockies.ing + Paddling in Summit County

Use the form below to let me know a bit more about what you already have in mind for your trip to Summit County. Tell me about how sweaty you want to get, what sort of activities you love [and hate, that’s important too!] and what you’re looking to get out of this day of exploration. When you hit submit that information will land in my inbox so I can start plotting out your adventure. I’ll get back to you within 48-72 hours with an itinerary. After you give it a solid once-over I will be here for one round of feedback/requests…then you’re off on vacation!

Step One: Book your stay at the Frisco Lodge.
Step Two: Tell me when you’ll be here and what you want to do while you’re here [ahem, in that form below!].
Step Three: Complete the $50 payment for a day of stress-free exploring [you’ll receive an email with a link].
Step Four: Receive an itinerary for a full day of adventure, customized to what you love doing.
Step Five: Arrive at the Frisco Lodge and begin your adventure!

*including multiple dates, if you're flexible, may make it possible to participate in more local events
Mellow Day -- a full day of adventure, but without big physical demands -- may include a short hike, horseback riding or leisurely biking followed by some time in town or at a festival.
Adventurous Day -- you'll need to do a little work for your adventure -- may include a longer hike, kayaking/paddling or mountain biking in the morning followed by another "mellow day" activity.
Epic Day -- we're talking going all out -- may include a full day of hiking, biking or even running...or a combo day with an epic adventure in the morning followed by another "adventurous day" activity.

Want a sneak peek of what Summit County has to offer? Check it out here: Summit County Sneak Peek.