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We provide travel consultation services for adventurers looking for the experience but not the headache that comes with an well planned vacation. We offer custom adventures as well as pre-planned templates.

We want to help you get outside without the stress of planning

In 2014 our founder, Heidi Berghammer, had the opportunity to travel indefinitely. She jumped at this chance, kicking off her adventures with a backpacking trip to the Patagonia region of Chile, followed quickly with two months in the Swiss Alps. Along the way Heidi learned the ins and out of world travel one hilarious mishap and creative solution at a time. She honed in her travel tactics and perfected adventure travel on a budget.

As Heidi traveled many people asked questions about how she planned her trips, why she choose destinations, and where she went to find local hangouts. After planning a few getaways for family and friends she discovered a true need for adventure travel planning services. Not every adventurous traveler has the time, patience, or resources to put toward extensive research and planning.

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We Create Adventures
Customized Just For You

We are a travel consulting and adventure planning company that focuses on helping outdoorsy people spend more time exploring the wilderness, take in quiet scenic overlooks, and soak up the history at cozy locales. We make this happen by taking care of the trip planning process for you.

Let Us Do the Work

Finding the perfect place to stay, the best trails to explore, and the ideal time of year to adventure takes time, patience, and effort. Not everyone loves spending their free time on this sort of research or planning but we love it, so let us do it for you.

Choose your adventure

We work with all budgets and nearly every outdoor activity you can imagine. Our fully customized adventures explore the entire world while our pre-planned adventures focus on the Mountain West and West Coast of the United States. 

Go Custom...Or Pre-Planned

We offer two styles of adventure planning — completely custom built-for-you itineraries and pre-planned adventures. This gives you the opportunity to go all out personalizing the trip…or gives you the opportunity to snag a pre-planned trip to get you started on your stress-free adventure.

Stunning Views. Quiet Campsites. Cozy Cafes.

Why You Need Us to Plan Your Next Adventure...

Boots On The Trails

For our pre-planned adventure we have available we have had our very own hiking boots on the trails recommended to you.

Detailed GPS Coordinates

Our customized itineraries include an interactive Google Map overlay to make on-the-go navigation a breeze.

Tents, Campers + Cabins

...oh my! The best time to start an adventure is the moment you roll out of bed in the wilderness!

Lots of Local Love

Each of our itineraries focus on local businesses in small towns that thrive and survive on tourism.

Insta-worthy Photo Ops

If you didn't take photos of your adventure did you even go on an adventure? Don't fret, we gotchu!

Bonus Treats

We often discover "omg, must visit!" places during the research process and you better believe we share this info!

Meet The Founder

Heidi Berghammer

Heidi grew up a farm girl in the Midwest…until she discovered mountains. She currently lives in the Colorado Rocky Mountains where her free time is spent roaming the nearby trails in running shoes, atop one of her bikes or layered in winter gear. Heidi dabbles in nearly every activity and has grown to truly love the feeling that comes with defining and creating your own adventure.

Adventure Feet First - Heidi Berghammer

Have Questions?

Check out our FAQ page to get answers to some of the most common questions. Or…shoot us an email. We’re always happy to chat adventure to please reach out if you have any questions. You can fill out the contact form below or send an email directly to hello@adventurefeetfirst.com.

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