Let us know when, where, and what — we’ll do the rest. Literally, we will do it all! This includes a detailed daily itinerary as well as the booking of all local transportation, accommodations, and reservations.

We will gather details about your travel dates, preferred activities, ideal accommodations, and favorite foods through our travel consultation process. With this information we will create a detailed daily itinerary for you to review. Once you have confirmed the itinerary we will book everything for you!

The fully booked adventure will include everything mentioned in our Daily Itinerary package as well as the confirmed booking or reservations of the following:

  • local transportation such as rental car, campervan, RV, shuttles, etc.
  • overnight stay at accommodation such as hotel, bed and breakfast, or campground
  • reservations/tickets for any restaurant, attraction, event, or activity that requires advance booking

Our pricing for the Adventure Booking package varies by the number of days you’ll be traveling and number of locations you’ll be visiting. When you’re adding this cost into your budget it is best to estimate about $100-$125 per full day of travel. For the Adventure Booking package this includes everything offered with our Travel Consultation and our Daily Itinerary, as well as the confirmed booking of all local transportation, accommodations, and activities requiring advance reservations.

If you have any questions on pricing or want to head out on an adventure that does not fall into these parameters…let us know! We want this trip to be about you and are happy to make custom adjustments. Contact Us to get a quote.

NOTE: Our trip planning does not include flights to/from the start of the itinerary. You will be responsible for booking these flights, although we will provide you with recommendations for flight schedules based upon your budget and the itinerary.