Tell us when you want to travel and what you love doing outdoors. We will provide you with ideas for beautiful trails to explore, cozy places to stay, and local landmarks to visit. Our Travel Consultation package is the first step to getting yourself outdoors and on vacation.

We take your personal preferences and align them with activities you’ll love in the areas you’d like to explore. This information is shared with you via a 30 or 60 minute phone or video consultation. This consultation will including the following recommendations:

  • local modes of transportation
  • unique accommodations
  • local cafes and restaurant
  • various outdoor activities
  • nearby attractions and events

Our pricing for the Travel Consultation package varies by the number of days you’ll be traveling and number of locations you’ll be visiting. When you’re adding this cost into your budget it is best to estimate about $25-$50 per full day of travel. This consultation package is the foundation of all our services and gives us an opportunity to get to know you and your idea of adventures.

If you have any questions on pricing or want to head out on an adventure that does not fall into these parameters…let us know! We want this trip to be about you and are happy to make custom adjustments. Contact Us to get a quote.