Crispy morning air.
Sweaters + scarves + beanies.
Pumpkin spice…everything.

It sure does feel like fall here in the Rocky Mountains, which means the colors will be POPPIN’ very soon!

Are you ready to explore the trails blanketed in aspen leaves?

Let us get you started with a list of the best trails to find  fall colors…


// with trail descriptions, route maps + GPS directions \\

Don’t miss the best time of year in the mountains…


Seriously though, this is an absolutely beautiful time to explore the Rocky Mountains.

The weather is moody, which gives you a chance to get cozy with layers while gazing at the aspen leaves popping against the sky.

Now that you have the downloadable PDF of fall hikes, let’s get you prepared to take on those adventures.

Summit County is a tourist destination, for obvious reasons [hello, mountains!]. This means there is often a major influx of humans on our highways and on our trails. It gets busy!

Don’t fret…Adventure Feet First is a local, with local tips and tricks to make the most of every adventure. Even on the most popular trails. Trust us with your adventure and you’ll find beautiful solitude on the trails.

We are a travel consulting and adventure planning company that focuses on helping outdoorsy people spend more time exploring the wilderness, take in quiet scenic overlooks, and soak up the history at cozy locales. We make this happen by taking care of the trip planning process for you.

Finding the perfect place to stay, the best trails to explore, and the ideal time of year to adventure takes time, patience, and effort. Not everyone loves spending their free time on this sort of research or planning but we love it, so let us do it for you.