Adventure Feet First is a company that provides travel consulting, planning, and booking for people who want to add some adventure to their next vacation. We focus on outdoor activities, historical locations, and local establishments. We help to guide people through the process of developing an adventurous vacation without the stress of planning or fear of missing out on anything.

We are happy to provide travel consulting for adventures around the world; however, we put our biggest focus into the areas we have visited repeatedly and have grown to truly love. This includes the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the Utah’s Deserts & Canyons, and the Trail of the PNW.

If you are looking for domestic or international adventures outside these regions let us know! We have experience adventuring in Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, and the United Kingdom. We also love researching and creating adventures into areas we don’t have extensive experience. Simply select “Custom” under the service desired when completing the Book Now! trip survey.

We offer more than just a bit of online research. All of our recommendations and daily itineraries are built around places we have personally visited or experienced. We focus on local establishments, historical landmarks, stunning trails, and personalized adventures. Also, we’re experienced with adventure travel and will use all of our tricks to get you the best deals possible!

When you choose to purchase the Travel Consultation package you know you’re getting personal recommendations that go well beyond a few comments on Yelp or TripAdvisor.

With the Daily Itinerary package we also put the leg work into juggling the logistics of fitting in all the activities you’re interested in alongside great local meals, a cozy accommodation, and required travel time.

Our Adventure Booking package takes away all the stress of planning by managing your daily itinerary as well as getting all local travel, accommodations, and activities booked and confirmed for the best adventure possible.

Honestly, if you love researching and planning your own adventures you may not need us, but we’re willing to bet you have a friend or two who would love a little help with the leg work and we love referrals.

Yes, upon request. We are happy to plan trips that include your pet but you will need to let us know you plan to bring a pet when you complete our Book Now! trip survey. There may be additional pet fees at accommodations, transportation, or activities. You will be personally responsible for these fees.

No, the number of travelers does not effect the cost of our trip planning fees.

However, the cost of travel may vary by the number of people on the trip. Traveling single may cost more because you’re not splitting the cost of accommodations while traveling with a large group may result in some group discounts on accommodations and activities.

We offer three set packages, with the option of customizing to fit your personal needs. Our packages build off of each other — Travel Consultation, Daily Itinerary, Adventure Booking. Our clients have the option to choose a complete package or to upgrade packages along the way.

The first step to planning your next adventure with Adventure Feet First is to fill out our Book Now! trip survey. This will provide us with the information we need to start brainstorming the best trip for you. This survey will ask about your travel dates, preferred destination, favorite outdoor activities, personal interests, and more. We also ask you to tell us which Adventure Feet First package you are interested in.

Once you have submitted the Book Now! trip survey we will review the information provided and follow-up with a confirmation email with a link to complete payment. Once the payment is complete we will begin researching the details of your trip. This confirmation email will also contain information on scheduling our consultation and any additional questions we may have about your travel preferences.

Every package begins with the Travel Consultation — this is where we learn more about you and what you love doing with your free time. If you have purchased the Travel Consultation package we will send you a follow up email and you will be on your own with all other planning and booking. You will also be given the opportunity to upgrade to the Daily Itinerary package or the Adventure Booking package if you would like more assistance with the planning process.

The Daily Itinerary is part of the Daily Itinerary package and the Adventure Booking package — this is where we layout the day-to-day plan for your adventure. We will create a robust itinerary based upon the consultation conversation and you will be given an opportunity to request any edits or adjustments. If you have purchased the Daily Itinerary package we will send you an email with the full itinerary and you will be responsible to complete all required bookings. You will also be given the opportunity to upgrade to the Adventure Booking package.

Our Adventure Booking package is the highest level of service we provide — this is where we use the finalized Daily Itinerary to book all accommodations, local travel, and other attractions or reservations. If you have purchased the Adventure Booking package we will send you an email with the full itinerary and all confirmation numbers.

We also offer customized versions of each package. This service is available upon request and the Book Now! trip survey will still need to be completed. We will work with you to create the adventure you want within the budget you provide.

Everything included with each package is outlined below.

Travel Consultation – the following information will be shared via a 60-minute phone/video consultation

  • local modes of transportation
  • unique accommodations
  • local cafes and restaurant
  • various outdoor activities
  • nearby attractions and events

Daily Itinerary – after a 60-minute phone/video consultation that following will be provided in a detailed itinerary

  • day-to-day outline of the trip with logistical calculations, including travel time
  • accommodation with link to booking website
  • local restaurants with ideal scheduling for crowds and adventure travel
  • outdoor activities, local events, and historical attractions, scheduled out to create the best use of time, including links to maps/brochures/websites
  • local attractions that may be of interest during downtime or inclement weather

Adventure Booking – once you have approved the daily itinerary we will book the following

  • local transportation such as rental car, campervan, RV, shuttles, etc.
  • overnight stay at accommodation such as hotel, bed and breakfast, or campground
  • reservations/tickets for any restaurant, attraction, event, or activity that requires advance booking
  • we do NOT book any flights to/from the start of the itinerary (although we will provide recommended flight schedules if requested)

The prices listed for each package are explicitly for the consulting, planning, and booking services offered. These prices do not include the cost of the trip itself. You will be responsible for the cost of accommodations, transportation, and activities.

Travel Consultation – starting at $75, additional days/location start at $50

Daily Itinerary – starting at $300, additional days/location start at $100

Adventure Booking – starting at $400, additional days/location start at $100

The prices listed above include a 3-night/4-day trip in one location with the option to add on additional time in 2-night/3-day increments.

We also offer custom packages that allow you to “mix and match” the services we offer. If you’re interested in a custom package please Contact Us directly so we can get you an appropriate quote.

The planning fee includes the time we spend researching your preferences and pairing them with what we personally know about your preferred destination. The details on what is included with each price is listed above under “What does each Adventure Feet First package include?”.

With our Adventure Booking package, we confirm the booking of various aspects of your vacation. You will be responsible for these travel costs, paid through a secure payment link we will email to you after you have confirmed the itinerary and expected costs.

Payments are made on our website through a secure payment portal provided by Stripe and PayPal. We use both Stripe and PayPal to process payments to give you options at checkout. Both Stripe and PayPal guarantee your payment information is safe and secure. We do not receive any of your payment information, it goes directly through Stripe or PayPal, depending upon which payment method you choose at check out.

Upon completing the Book Now! trip survey we will review your information and send you an email with the link to process the payment as well as schedule our travel consultation. Payment must be received before Adventure Feet First will provide consulting, planning, or booking.

For Adventure Booking packages you will pay the service fee upfront and we will provide you with a secure link to complete payment for the trip details.

No, we do not book any flights or other travel required to get you to the beginning of the itinerary or home from the end of the itinerary.

However, we will give you recommendations on flight schedules if your daily itinerary, if requested.

We will  need at least one month to plan a trip for you, although it is best to allow at least six weeks. This will give us adequate time to schedule a travel consultation and make revisions to your daily itinerary while still getting great deals for you.

The only kickback we’re getting from our recommendations is knowing you will be enjoying a place we love. We do not get any commission from our recommendations and if we do get any discounts for referring our clients we pass these along to you.

Once you have completed the payment to purchase the service package you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. If you wish to make any changes to the information you provided via the Book Now! trip survey or any other communication with Adventure Feet First you will need to do so in writing to hello@adventurefeetfirst.com. The following change fees may apply to any change requests:

  • change request within 48 hours of payment made: no fee
  • change request after 48 hours of payment made, but before any service is delivered: $50
  • change request after service is delivered (ie: consultation, itinerary, booking): $75

If you wish to cancel the service package purchased you will need to do so in writing to hello@adventurefeetfirst.com. The follow cancellation fees may apply to any cancellation request:

  • cancellation request within 48 hours of payment made: no fee
  • cancellation request after 48 hour of payment made, but before any service is delivered: 50% of purchase price
  • cancellation request after service is delivered (ie: consultation, itinerary, booking): 100% of purchase price, plus any fees incurred by vendors or suppliers

Any request of change or cancellation of any Adventure Feet First service package must be made in writing to hello@adventurefeetfirst.com. The date/time that the email is received by Adventure Feet First will be used to determine when the request was made.

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for any costs incurred by trip disruption due to missed flights or other travel snafus. Our daily itineraries will always allow for enough time to catch flights to/from your destination as well as between places on the itinerary.

If there is a chance adverse weather will become an issue with your local adventure travel we schedule in extra time. We also provide additional suggestions for indoor activities or less exposed adventures if the weather takes a turn while you’re adventuring.

It is not required, but we strongly recommend it.

In many cases, the reason you may need to change or cancel a trip is covered by travel insurance (personal or family illness, weather or cancelled flights, etc). We do not file travel insurance claims for you but we will provide you with the necessary trip confirmation to file your own claim.

Medical insurance is also recommended, either personal health coverage or travel medical insurance. Many of our recommendations will be for adventures that come with inherent risk and it is always best to be prepared for the worst case scenario. If you are looking to travel into the backcountry or partake in high risk activities we recommend you get travel medical insurance that covers search and rescue fees and helicopter extrication.