You provide us with your preferred travel dates, destination, and budget. We take that information and pull together our personal recommendations for you. This information is shared with you via a phone/video consultation. You can stop there or choose to continue on to a full itinerary or even a completely booked trip.

You decide what you love doing with your free time, we make it happen.

But what about the exact details? Keep reading! We’re about to outline the steps of the standard planning and booking process for any trip created here at Adventure Feet First.

To initiate the planning process you will need to share your preferences, which include the following tidbits:

  • travel budget
  • expected travel dates
  • desired destination
  • travel preferences
  • activities and interests

You can do all of this by completing the Book Now! form.

We take all of your preferences into consideration and do a little research to pull together some of our best personal recommendations for your adventure.

We will research out to you via email to schedule a 60-minute phone/video consultation. During this consultation we will share our personal recommendations with you based upon the information you have provided us with. We will also have time for a Q&A about the recommendations to ensure it is a real conversation that will be helpful to your personal planning process.

At this point you have a decision to make. You can stop here, taking on the responsibility of planning the rest of your vacation on your own. Or, you can choose to continue working with us by upgrading to our Daily Itinerary package.

Visit our Travel Consultation page to get more details on exactly what a consultation includes.

If you choose to continue the planning process with us (which we sincerely hope you do, we love this part!) we take information we gathered from you during our consultation and create a full itinerary for your adventure. To create this itinerary we will need you to confirm the following details:

  • travel budget
  • exact travel dates
  • preferred accommodations
  • all “must do” activities
  • desired bonus activities/attractions

With this information we will create a full travel itinerary for your trip. This itinerary will include daily schedules with details on the best times to visit attractions, ideal stops for food, and estimated travel times.

Once you have received the full itinerary you will have another choice — to continue on your own or to upgrade to our Adventure Booking package.

Visit our Daily Itinerary page for details on exactly what each itinerary will include.

If you truly want a stress-free vacation you’ll want to use our Reservations service. This includes the Consultations and the Itineraries service…plus we will handle all of the reservations and bookings for you. This includes rental vehicles, nightly accommodations, and restaurant/activity reservations.

After you have confirmed the full itinerary we have created for you we will move forward with booking and confirmation of all reservations. This information will be shared with you via an updated, robust itinerary.

Visit our Adventure Booking page for details on exactly what is included.

NOTE: Our trip planning does not include flights to/from the start of the itinerary. You will be responsible for booking these flights, although we will provide you with recommendations for flight schedules based upon your budget and the itinerary.

Whether you jumped to Step Five from Step Two, Three, or Four it is time to go adventure! At this point we have done the legwork so there is only one thing left to do — enjoy yourself outdoors!

If at any time leading up to your trip you decide you want to upgrade your services with Adventure Feet First please let us know! We’ve been there…in the weeks leading up to vacation it is easy to be optimistic about the time you will have available to plan, only to find out time is fleeting and vacation is fast approaching. If your personal planning changes, we’re here to help!

We think this covers the basics of what we offer here at Adventure Feet First! If you have any additional questions check out on FAQ page or send us a message via our Contact Us form.

If you’re ready to start planning your adventure hit that button below and we’ll get to work!