Here at Adventure Feet First I have one goal in mind — getting you outside on an adventure without the stress that comes with planning. The process is actually quite simple. You just need to provide me with your wants and I do the work to provide you with an adventure.

There are a few levels of service offered. We always start with a consultation, but you also have the option of getting a fully personalized adventure itinerary.

You decide what you love doing with your free time, we make it happen.

But what about the exact details? Keep reading! I’m about to outline the steps of the standard planning and booking process for any trip created here at Adventure Feet First.

One…Two…Three…A D V E N T U R E!

Every custom itinerary starts with what we like to call a consultation. Basically we get to know you, specifically how you enjoy spending your free time and what you like doing outdoors. This can be done via email, video chat, phone or in-person meetings. A weekend getaway can usually be created with a few emails while a longer adventure will likely benefit from a verbal conversation.

Once we have all the details about you version of adventure we get to work on planning out the itinerary. We may pop back into your inbox with some follow up questions, but generally speaking this is the part where we do all the work.

A complete itinerary will be delivered to you by the agreed upon deadline and you will be given a chance to review it before committing to a final itinerary. We allow one complimentary update to ensure you are truly excited about your upcoming vacation.

Now it’s your turn to do all the work…but the fun work…adventuring!

We think this covers the basics of what we offer here at Adventure Feet First! If you have any additional questions check out on FAQ page or send us a message via our Contact Us form.

If you’re ready to start planning your adventure it’s time to…Book Now!