There is a lot to see in the United States, but there is also something exciting and magical about traveling the world. When we venture past the borders of our home country we get to experience new cultures and witness a whole new way of life. This takes every adventure to the next level. This also takes the planning process pressure up a notch or three. When traveling internationally there is a lot to take into consideration — local customs, foreign languages, different norms — just to name a few additional things you’ll need to research when creating a travel plan in a new country.

We have spent years traveling internationally and we want to help you do the same, one adventure at a time.

Our personal experiences abroad include the countries of Mexico, Canada, Chile, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Iceland, and the United Kingdom. We have covered miles of trails in these countries and fallen in love with the views, food, and people. Heidi is especially fond of Switzerland, making a point to spend at least a month there each year.

A stunning spot for a lunch break while hiking in Patagonia

That said, the consultations and itineraries we offer for international adventures are not limited to just the countries we’ve visited. While our domestic offerings are a bit more restricted, the sky is the limit with what we can do internationally. There are a few reasons for this, but the biggest is that we know the highest hurdle for international adventure is the planning process…especially when it comes to navigating the transportation and accommodation options in a foreign country. Our time abroad has allowed us to become very familiar with the quickest ways to find great deals and the best ways to really explore the country.

We will offer personal recommendations for your international adventure whenever we can, as we love supporting the places that have wow’ed us. You’ll also find great value in our consulting and planning services when it comes to finding deals on flights, easily navigating the country, and getting to know the locals while you explore.

A peaceful mountainside in the Swiss Alps, speckled with cows and wildflowers.

International Travel Consultation

Our Travel Consultations were created so we can share our knowledge and experience in a low-key, stress-free way. Imagine meeting a well-traveled friend for coffee to chat about an adventure you’d love to go on. You are there to gather up some basic information from someone with personal experience traveling to that region or with similar goals. By the time your coffee cup is empty you’re stoked on travel and are ready to head home to start researching the specific details.

The purpose of our Travel Consultations is to get you excited about the possibility of adventure…where ever in the world you happen to be traveling. If you really want to go some hut-to-hut adventuring the conversation would be centered around the amazing locations you could explore and stay at in the Alps. If it’s a coastal adventure that stokes your fire we may chat about the western coast of Italy. If you want to try your skills at bike packing we may discuss the differences between Croatia and Denmark. The options are endless.

Each consultation will focus on one region or one primary activity — decided by you, when you fill out our International Adventure survey. We’ll spend about thirty minutes chatting with you, either in-person, on the phone, or via Skype/Hangouts. This exchange of adventure stoke will not go into specific detail when it comes to travel logistics, but we will share travel tips specific to the adventures you’re interested in. Essentially, we are giving you an opportunity to hit us with all your most pressing international adventure questions.

The snow-scape of Alberta, Canada on a blue bird day!

International Daily Itinerary

While our consultations are great at getting you started with the planning process they do leave the actual planning, scheming, and itinerary juggling to you. If you do not enjoy that aspect of adventure planning we also offer day-to-day itineraries. Our Daily Itinerary package takes the consultations to the next level. This is where we pull all your personal preferences for location, activities, and adventures together to create a robust day-to-day itinerary. It is as if that well-traveled friend you met for coffee is so excited about your adventure that they ask you a bunch of questions about what you’re most stoked on then do all the logistical juggling and scheduling research for you. In the end you have a caffeine buzz and a detailed day-to-day itinerary, including “rainy day” activities and links to the best local accommodations and eateries!

We set up our Daily Itinerary so that your adventure is laid out each day, but we also allow for a bit of wiggle room if weather isn’t cooperating or if you want a day to just chill at a local cafe. Each day will focus on the activities and adventures readily available to you, considering both the local offerings and your personal preferences. We will include links to local accommodations, tips on transportation, and estimated travel times. You will be able to use this daily itinerary to make reservations and to guide you through the entire trip.

Our Daily Itinerary can be purchased as an individual package or as an upgrade from our Travel Consultation. Either way, the process will start out the same — with a consultation where we chat about what/where you’re interested in and what we would recommend. For the Daily Itinerary we provide a sixty minute consultations where the first half focused on offering you suggestions (very similar to the stand-alone Travel Consultation) and the second half focused on figuring out exactly what you are most excited about. First, you get to ask us questions to figure out what your options are. Second, we ask you questions to figure out exactly what you’re interested in.

We then take all of this information and build out the Daily Itinerary, custom built to your preferences. You will be given an opportunity to provide a round of feedback on the itinerary before we provide you with a finalized robust day-to-day itinerary with links directly to the accommodations, transportation, and activities we have included. You will simply need to follow those links to book and confirm reservations…then it is time to adventure, around the world!

Whatever your international adventure aspirations may be, we want to help make it happen for you! We are well versed in travel from the United States to Europe, Canada, Mexico, and South America. On our travels to these areas we have found all sorts of adventure. From hiking to backpacking to rock climbing to bikepacking, adventure is just waiting for you to commit to it. If you have any questions at all, about what we do, what we offer, or how we travel please feel free to shoot us an email via the Contact Us form!