You pick a place to explore; we create a detailed itinerary. This comprehensive agenda will outline the ideal times to visit stunning trails and grab meals at local cafes as well as estimated travel times from your accommodations.

Our adventure itineraries build off the conversation we have had with you during the 60-minute consultation. During the consultation we provide you with recommendations on local must-sees and must-stays. After the consultation you will choose a few travel specifics as well as any activities you want to include. We use this information to build out a robust daily plan for you. This itinerary will include the following information:

  • day-to-day outline of the trip with logistical calculations, including travel time
  • ¬†accommodation with link to booking website
  • local restaurants with ideal scheduling for crowds and adventure travel
  • outdoor activities, local events, and historical attractions, scheduled out to create the best use of time, including links to maps/brochures/websites
  • local attractions that may be of interest during downtime or inclement weather

Our pricing for the Daily Itinerary package varies by the number of days you’ll be traveling and number of locations you’ll be visiting. When you’re adding this cost into your budget it is best to estimate about $75-$100 per full day of travel. For the Adventure Booking package this includes everything offered with our Travel Consultation, as well as a robust day-to-day itinerary detailing local transportation, accommodation, and adventures.

If you have any questions on pricing or want to head out on an adventure that does not fall into these parameters…let us know! We want this trip to be about you and are happy to make custom adjustments. Contact Us to get a quote.