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In the midst of the Arkansas Valley you’ll find Buena Vista and Salida, two small towns with access to a raft-worthy river, high desert trails and towering mountains. This makes them the perfect destination for a day trip or weekend full of adventure, year round. The Mini-tinie Adventures are based near the towns of Buena Vista and Salida but venture into the Collegiate Peaks of the Sawatch Mountain Range to the west.

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While we can’t be everywhere at once we do make an effort to experience all the trails, cafes, shops and other local establishments we include in each Mini-tinie Adventure. This isn’t just because we love exploring. Our real motivation is to provide you with “been there, done that, loved it” recommendations that are sure to make your adventure even more fun.


The best of the
Arkansas Valley

Buena Vista is right in the middle of all the Arkansas Valley adventures, with Salida about thirty minutes south. Each Mini-tinie Adventure will highlight the best trailheads for the activity you choose, giving you the perfect excuse to explore the valley and the mountains.

From the valley to the summits

The towns of Buena Vista and Salida are situated in the Arkansas Valley. This means you’ll find dry, high desert trails just outside town. But the Mini-tinie Adventures don’t stop there. Each itinerary will also include adventures that require a drive up into the Sawatch Mountain Range so you can explore the Collegiate Peaks up close.

From Trails to Hot Springs

One of the biggest perks of exploring the trails of the Arkansas Valley is how close by natural recovery options are. There are multiple hot springs near Buena Vista and Salida with both man-made and natural pools. You better believe the Mini-tinie Adventure itineraries will include information on the best ones to visit after you take on the trails!

Why You Need a Mini-tinie Adventure

The Mini-tinie Adventures are more than just a list of places to adventure. We include important details such as where dogs are allowed, the best time to visit local cafes and detailed information on where to park, even when the trailhead parking is full. We put in the extra effort, do you can just show up and enjoy the adventure!

Stress-Free Adventures

We do the work, you have the fun!

Dog-Friendly Options

Include details about where dogs can explore.

Local Recommendations

Focus on cafes and trails the locals love.

Bring Your Friends

Itineraries are created with groups in mind.

beautiful trails

Both the journey and destination are scenic.

Detailed Directions

All the info you need to get to the right place.

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AFF Mini-tinie - Hike - BV - PRD

Hiking in Buena Vista

Buena Vista offers sweeping views of the Collegiate Peaks, rugged yet stunning mountains with miles of buttery or technical trails to explore on foot.

AFF Mini-tinie - Run - BV - PRD

Running in Buena Vista

The Arkansas Valley offers desert-like trails while the Collegiate Peaks provide high alpine terrain, the perfect mix for a well rounded trail running adventure.

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