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We are offering Mini-tinie Adventures as a quick, easy and affordable way for people to get outside after the pandemic. Getting outdoors is proven to be helpful to our mental health and after the stress of the COVID pandemic we all need a boost in mental health. Let’s create your adventure itinerary today!

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A Mini-tinie Adventure is a miniature itinerary filled with adventure. At Adventure Feet First we create fully customized adventures that are crafted around exactly what you enjoy doing while on vacation. The Mini-tinie Adventure is a little taste of our fully customized adventure itineraries.

Each Mini-tinie Adventure will include information on where to camp, where to eat, where to play and where to treat yourself. Our goal is to get you outside having fun and falling in love with the local area.

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All of the Adventure.
None of the Stress.

Each Mini-tinie Adventure has all the information you need to take on adventure. This includes the specifics on the best places to camp, where to park before adventuring, local cafes worth trying, where to find internet access and so much more. We have covered every detail to ensure your adventure is stress-free and rejuvenating.

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Stress-Free Adventure

We do all the planning so all you have to do is pack gear, show up and explore!

Reason #2

Easy, Affordable Vacation

The Mini-tinie Adventures are a quick, affordable itinerary, full of adventure.

Reason #3

Lots of Local Love

We love our local trails and cafes, so we want to share that love with you!

Beautiful Trails.
Epic Adventures.
Countless Memories.

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To get your Mini-tinie Adventure select from the activities listed below. Once you choose an activity you'll be prompted with two more choices -- where you'll explore and for how long. As soon as you make these decisions and complete the purchase of your Mini-tinie Adventure you will recieve the download. All that's left is packing, arriving and exploring! Easy peasy, stress-freesy!

Mountain Biking

Hit the trails with your bike, or visit our recommended bike shops for great deals on rentals. Focused on cross-country trail riding.

Adventure Feet First Mini-tinie Featured - Family

Family Focused Fun

This itinerary focuses on getting outdoors with children, from the toddler full of energy to the teenager that isn't keen on family trips.

Day Hiking

Get all the details on local trails that are great for day hikes, as well as the best places to refuel after you've worked up a sweat on the mountainside.

Adventure Feet First Mini-tinie Featured - TrlRn

Trail Running

Lace up your shoes knowing you'll have options. Each trail on the itinerary will have multiple route options for variable distances and difficulty.

Are You Ready to explore the colorado rocky mountains?

The Rocky Mountains make Colorado a destination for all sorts of adventurers. They’re majestic and beautiful…but they can also be ferocious and unforgiving. We have created an archive of useful information to get you ready for a Colorado Rocky Mountain adventure. We want you to get out there, safely and confidently!

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