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We are offering Mini-tinie Adventures as a quick, easy and affordable way for people to get outside during the pandemic. Getting outdoors is proven to be helpful to our mental health and with the stress of the COVID pandemic we all need a boost in mental health. Let’s create your adventure itinerary today!

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A Mini-tinie Adventure is a miniature itinerary filled with adventure. At Adventure Feet First we create fully customized adventures that are crafted around exactly what you enjoy doing while on vacation. The Mini-tinie Adventure is a little taste of our fully customized adventure itineraries.

Each Mini-tinie Adventure will include information on where to camp, where to eat, where to play and where to treat yourself. Our goal is to get you outside having fun and falling in love with the local area.

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Each Mini-tinie Adventure has all the information you need to take on adventure. This includes the specifics on the best places to camp, where to park before adventuring, local cafes worth trying, where to find internet access and so much more. We have covered every detail to ensure your adventure is stress-free and rejuvenating.

We are working to ensure our itineraries are up-to-date with information the most recent travel restrictions on federal, state and county levels. However, once we send the itinerary your way we cannot update it further so it is your responsibility to confirm the restrictions and regulations have not changed before you head out for an adventure.

>> COVID Updates <<

Each Mini-tinie Adventure will include a COVID Updates PDF. This PDF will have all the contact information you need to get in touch with each business, campground or service listed on the Mini-tinie Adventure. We are providing this additional resource to give you the power to take your safety and comfort into your own hands by contacting the businesses directly with any COVID related questions you may have. We hope this makes it a bit easier for your to find a way to adventure within your COVID comfort zone!

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Stress-Free Adventure

We do all the planning so all you have to do is pack gear, show up and explore!

Reason #2

Easy, Affordable Vacation

The Mini-tinie Adventures are a quick, affordable itinerary, full of adventure.

Reason #3

Lots of Local Love

We love our local trails and cafes, so we want to share that love with you!

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To get your Mini-tinie Adventure select from the activities listed below. Once you choose an activity you'll be prompted with two more choices -- where you'll explore and for how long. As soon as you make these decisions and complete the purchase of your Mini-tinie Adventure you will receive the download. All that's left is packing, arriving and exploring! Easy peasy, stress-freesy!
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Day Hiking

Get all the details on local trails that are great for day hikes, as well as the best places to refuel after you've worked up a sweat on the mountainside.

Family Focused Mini-tinie Adventure - Adventure Feet First - Get Info

Family Focused

This itinerary focuses on getting outdoors with children, from the toddler full of energy to the teenager that isn't keen on family trips.

Mountain Biking Mini-tinie Adventure - Adventure Feet First - Get Info

Mountain Biking

Hit the trails with your bike, or visit our recommended bike shops for great deals on rentals. Focused on cross-country trail riding.

Trail Running - Mini-tinie Adventure - Adventure Feet First - Get Info

Trail Running

Lace up your shoes knowing you'll have options. Each trail on the itinerary will have multiple route options for variable distances and difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Mini-tinie Adventure is a one or three day travel itinerary filled with adventure. Each Mini-tinie Adventure highlights a different activity in one of six mountain communities throughout Colorado. The Mini-tinie Adventures are designed to take all the stress out of adventure planning. We put our experience as long-term adventurers to use while creating these itineraries so all you need to do is show up and enjoy.

There are many reasons you may need a Mini-tinie Adventure in your life…

…you’re too busy to plan out the details of your next adventure.
…it is too hard to keep up with all the changes to travel restrictions and closures.
…you’re unsure of where to safely explore during the COVID pandemic.
…you simply want to escape, without all the extra work of researching your options.
…[insert the one thing that is keeping you from an adventure, we probably have a solution!].

Each Mini-tinie Adventure provides detailed information on where to camp, where to eat, where to find services/facilities and where to explore. The information provided will vary based upon the location and activity you’ve chosen for your Mini-tinie Adventure. There will be a full day of activities for the one-day itinerary and three full days of activities for the three-day itinerary.

The Mini-tinie Adventures do not include any reservations or rentals. They are designed to be the outline for your adventure. If you’d like to camp somewhere that requires reservations or participate in an activity that you’ll need to rent gear for you will need to contact the companies listed on the Mini-tinie Adventure itinerary.

You will need to add each Mini-tinie Adventure you’re interested to your cart and complete the purchase of each itinerary. We cannot combine the itineraries for you.

Yes, we think so. There are a few reasons for this.

First, with all of the travel restrictions and closures your go-to campsites or trailheads may be closed or advised against. The Mini-tinie Adventures will take this information into consideration and provide alternatives.

Second, this is a great opportunity to get to know the area better by visiting local businesses and trails you may not have considered in the past. The Mini-tinie Adventures are very focused on local establishments, so you will be able to feel good about supporting small, local businesses.

First, we want to say that we strongly believe this is a very personal choice. Even as the state, country and world start to re-open during the COVID pandemic is a very personal choose to participate in recreational travel again. We cannot make that choice for you.

However, we can provide you with a wealth of information on the current travel restrictions, closures and recommendations. We are also able to bring together all encompassing information on how and where to “recreate responsibly”.

Please take some time to read through the most recent recommendations for responsibly recreation as well as check out the articles we have created on the topic.

The Mini-tinie Adventures do not limit you to a certain time frame. You will be able to use them immediately, or a year after purchase. This is the beauty of the Mini-tinie Adventure…you’re purchasing an experience you can participate in at any time, not a restrictive package.

That said, if you have purchased a Mini-tinie Adventure that you will not be able to use due and truly need the cost of the Mini-tinie Adventure refunded please reach out to us at hello@adventurefeetfirst.com.

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Taking on an adventure is kind of a big deal…and not just because it’s an awesome reason to get outdoors.

We have created [and are always updating!] a heap of resources to get you ready for outdoor adventures. These resources include trail guides, personal experiences and general information on how to stay safe in the wilderness!

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