Neighborhood Adventures

Backyard Bingo

Let’s make the most of our time close to home by getting to know our neighborhoods just a little bit better…with local adventures!

An Adventure...
...in your neighborhood!

This is the perfect excuse to get to know your neighborhood just a little bit better. Complete this “Backyard” Bingo Board by exploring the streets close to home this week.

The Neighborhood Adventures are designed to get you outside on an adventure while you are adhering to all local social distancing, shelter in place or stay/safer at home guidelines. Please adventure responsibly and only participate if it is safe to do so! Adventure Feet First takes no responsibility for your choices as you complete this scavenger hunt.

Begin your Neighborhood Adventure today!

Don't miss out on this excellent excuse to get outside, in your own neighborhood. All you need to do is tap the button, pop in your email address and check your inbox for a downloadable PDF with a full Backyard Bingo Board then head outside to explore your neighborhood. A great stepping stone for an easy peasy local adventure!

The Rules [ish]

The first step is to get the Neighborhood Adventure Scavenger Hunt list by clicking one of the “Sign Up Today!” buttons. This will get an email with the downloadable PDF bingo board as well as an Instagram/Facebook Story bingo board. You can choose to use one or both of these board [they’re the same, it’s just a matter of how you want to play]. Head outside to explore your local sidewalks or trails and make note of each item on the bingo board that you see.

Downloadable PDF Bingo: Print out the bingo board and go explore! You can choose to submit a photo of your completed bingo board [with at least one bingo!] or simply hang it on the fridge. If you are submitting a photo you can do it via Instagram, Facebook or email.

Instagram/Facebook Story Bingo: Download the bingo board and share it via your Instagram Stories [and/or Facebook Stories]. Simply mark each item you saw in your Neighborhood Adventure, tag @adventurefeetfirst and share to your story. Be sure to also share a unmarked bingo board so your followers can play along too.

There are multiple ways to submit Backyard Bingo Board with at least one bingo.

If you’re printing to downloadable PDF you can submit a photo of the completed bingo board one of three ways:

If you are using the Instagram/Facebook Story bingo board you simply need to share your completed bingo board via social media with a tag back to @adventurefeetfirst.

Use your best judgement. All Neighborhood Adventures are meant to be fun, not aggressive. If you’re unsure about one thing, keep looking. If you have a good story to justify an item, share it so we can all enjoy your experience.

You need to follow ALL local regulation regarding social distancing, stay-at-home, shelter-in-place or safer-at-home. All Neighborhood Adventures are meant to give you an excuse to adventure close to home, but you still need to take on the responsibility of  knowing and following all local regulations. If you are unsure you can participate safely, please do not participate. You can still sign up to get the PDF and use it at a later date, when it is safer to explore your neighborhood.

If you have additional questions shoot us an email: hello@adventurefeetfirst.com! We are happy to help!

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