Everything You Need For An Epic Road Trip

...from snacks to safety essentials.

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We Love Road Tripping...

Oh, road tripping. It’s one of those fun, adventurous things you can do year round and on a pretty small budget. Quite frankly, a day trip to your nearest outdoorsy happy place counts as a road trip in my book. The weekend and longer road trips tend to get more attention, but if you’re in the car on a mission to love life…it’s a road trip! Don’t sell yourself or your adventures short!

...Especially When We Hit The Road Prepared For Adventure!

The true beauty of road trips is that they’re much easier to plan and prepare for than anything that requires a flight. All you really need is a car, a destination and some gas money. Right? Well, sort of. Technically you’ll survive with that, but you can make the adventure even more fun if you pack along some of these road trip essentials…

Road Worthy Snacks

What is a road trip without a heaping pile of roadworthy snacks?! It’s that why you go on road trips…to shovel delicious handfuls of sugar or fistfuls of salt into your face while gazing out at the wonders of Mother Nature!? If that’s not a motivator you should add it to your ‘to try’ list! You’ll love it, we promise!

What snacks are truly road worthy? This depends upon your palate, but we have a few we’d love to suggest.

Salty Awesome: white cheddar popcorn, chex mix, homemade ‘puppy chow’, pretzel bites, flavored chips
Sugar Highs: Skittles, Mike + Ike, almond M&M’s, Red Vines/Twizzlers, sour gummy worms

Of course, all of this impulsive snacking should probably be balanced out with some ‘real food’. This will keep you from hating life when your stomach starts screaming for some actual nutrients. One way to dip into a few more food groups is eating out — you’ll find some pretty tasty roadside stops. Better yet, stop by roadside fruit stands! There is also the option of packing along some healthier snacks…

Healthy Eats: bananas, apples, dried fruit, jerky/beef sticks, string cheese, crackers, avocados sprinkled with salt and pepper, trail mix, granola bars, Cheerios sans milk

Earfuls of Entertainment

Now that you’re on the road, what are you going to do with your time? Obviously, you’ll be paying attention to road signs and rules, but there have to be more exciting ways to pass the time, right?! Yes, yes, yes. First, there is the option to pack along a few friends. We strongly recommend this! You’ll have endless hours of conversation to keep you awake and entertained.

But if you’re friend have other plans get your hands on a good podcast app or a few audiobooks

Before you head out on a road trip download the Libby [by Overdrive] app* and update your favorite podcast app [we use PodBean]. If you’re a music person you may want to consider subscribing to your favorite streaming service so you can listen offline. We prefer Spotify because it also gives you access to podcasts.

*The Libby app is amazing. You simply download the app, enter your library card number and start borrowing audiobooks [or e-books] to take with you anywhere. The books will automatically return on their due date so you’ll never have late fees and you can get a new book whenever you have WiFi access.

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Cozy Comforts

It doesn’t matter how awesome your car is…after so many hours it gets uncomfortable and rather claustrophobic. When you’re headed out on a day trip it’s not too bad, but if you’re committing to a week or more on the road. Phew, you’ll love yourself for packing a few comforts from home! Here are a few things we suggest to keep you loving life on the road…

Blanket + Pillow: A simple throw blanket is a car essential! If you’re traveling with someone else the blanket will come in handy for whoever is a bit more cold-blooded — keep the car at a ‘reasonable’ temperature for the hot-blooded and wrap the other person in a blanket. A pillow will give the passenger something to snooze on when conversation dwindles or the scenery gets repetitive [don’t judge until you’ve driven across Nebraska!].

Ibuprofen, Allergy Meds, etc: These aren’t so cozy, but they may be able to make your world a lot more comfortable! If your sunglasses are giving you a headache you’ll love yourself for packing along some ibuprofen. Fields of wildflowers and cottonwood fluff blowing in the breeze can be beautiful…if you can see them through your watering eyes. You never know when you’ll discover a new allergy, pack accordingly.

‘Car Camping’ Gear: If you’re planning on camping while on this road trip don’t limit yourself to your stash of ‘backpacking’ gear. Expand! Don’t be afraid to pack along a comfy air mattress and a tent with a little wiggle room.

"Safety First" Roadside Kit

Now that we’ve touched on all the fun stuff…let’s chat about the safety side of road tripping. When you’re traveling in your car you’ll need to have a stash of ‘first aid’ necessities for yourself and your car.

You can grab a standard first aid kit for yourself [or make one from what you already have at home!] and an ‘emergency’ pack for your car. If you’re traveling into some remote areas it’s strongly suggested you watch at least a few videos on how to change a tire and jump start your car [better yet, practice!]. Hopefully, you won’t need any of these safety stashes or pockets of car smarts, but you want to be prepared! At the very least, be sure to have the basic items needed to change a tire or jump a car.

This means you need to make sure you have a proper spare tire, a legitimate tire iron and a jack that works…as in, test it all at home. We may be emphasizing this because it’s something we failed to do once. The same goes for jumper cables. Even if you don’t need them, someone you meet may and who doesn’t need a little extra road karma!?

Road flares and reflective triangles can provide some peace of mind and safety if you are cursed with late night road trouble. It will also make it easier for your AAA [<< another service we *highly* recommend!] or friendly police officer to locate you along a stretch of empty highway.

Road Trip Essentials Title Images - Adventure Feet First - Safety

So, there you have it...everything you need for road tripping.

 Sort of. This isn’t an all-inclusive list, but it’ll get you started on the road to fun-tastic adventures on the road! Check out this “US: Road Trips” Pinterest board for even more ideas for road trip packing, planning and safety!

What would you add to this list?! Fill us in…we’re sure you have a few great tips we haven’t thought of yet!

Looking to take on a road trip but don’t have the time or desire to do all the planning? We’re here to help! We obviously love road tripping so let us help you plan and indulge in an adventure, from the comforts of your car! Pop over to our Book Now page to see what road trip packages we currently have available…or a fully customized adventure itinerary!

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