Adventure Feet First - Packing Tip - Bike-Packing

Adventure Travel Packing Tips

Once you have your adventure planned it is time to start packing…or at least curating your packing list. This can take some time, especially if this your first time headed on this type of adventure or to a new country. Knowing what to pack is important. You don’t want to pack too much, but no one wants to get stranded without necessities!

My Experience with a Rural Czech Republic Workaway

When I decided I needed to put my “tourist card” to use for the last few weeks I had in Europe I started looking into Workaway opportunities in a variety of countries. A few days after I started my search I had myself set up with a Workaway host in rural eastern Czech where I’d be helping out on a small homestead.

Volunteer Exchanges // How to Find the Right WorkAway for You

All of my experiences were positive + I’d happily return to any of the hosts’ homes to once again become a part of their lives. I want to share a few tips for choosing a volunteer exchange gig that works for…YOU. These tips can apply to WorkAway, HelpX or WWOOF + they helped me find great hosts with interesting backgrounds while learning about new cultures + lifestyles.