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How to Prevent Frostbite + Treat Hypothermia

Winter adventures present the opportunity to see the Earth after a costume change. Whether the land is snow covered or simply cold but bare, plants and animals wear their winter clothes, and even familiar places offer new discoveries. But cold-weather adventuring also presents the opportunity to develop hypothermia and frostbite, two potentially serious medical conditions. It’s important to note that while these conditions are risks in cold weather, “cold” can mean a summer rainstorm, not only a snowy midwinter day.

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The Best Layers For Winter Hiking Adventures

When asking people about winter hiking one of the first concerns they bring up is…being cold. Because being cold sucks and winter is kind of known for its cold weather. No matter where you live your version of “winter” comes with cooler temperatures than your version of “summer”. However, being cold is something you can [somewhat] easily mitigate with the proper layers…used in the proper order and at the proper times.

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The Ten Essentials of Winter Adventures

Bundle up and get outside, even when the trails are snow covered and the wind is nipping at your nose. However, take a hot second to make sure you’re prepared for the winter weather. We’re working on the assumption that you know how to dress for the cold weather and remember to strap on some sort of traction for the icy trails. But what about the ten essentials?! Have you taken the time to winterize your stash of trail must-haves? If not, keep on reading, we’ll get you a few tips and tricks to have your pack ready for wintry adventures.