Finding Fall Color in Colorado - Hiking

The Best Ways to Find Fall Color in Colorado

Whether you’re ready or not, FALL IS HERE. The peaks of the Colorado Rocky Mountains are popping with the bright yellow of fall, the air is crispy in the morning and the wildlife is busy preparing for winter. This is the perfect time of year to head into the mountains — the crowds are manageable, you are likely to see wildlife and the mountains are on fire with color. There are a variety of ways Read more…

Discovering Your Adventure Comfort Zone

We all have our own adventure comfort zones. They’re the bubble we live inside of that expands, contracts + wiggles about based on the life experiences we either love or hate. A person’s comfort zone is always changing; especially if you’re seeking out adventures. It can be a dramatic change of gaining confidence and comfort in a foreign country after weeks of language/culture immersion. Or, it can be a small change, such as falling asleep quickly in a tent the night after a restless, worried sleep on a backpacking trip.

Leave No Trace // Why It Is Important

With Instagram and other social platforms blowing up with gorgeous outdoor photos we have all been hearing more about “Leave No Trace” and how social media may have a negative impact on our beloved natural areas. It almost feels like Leave No Trace is the trendy thing to talk about right now [honestly, being awesome to Mother Nature should always be trendy…]. So, let’s talk about it. Not because we’re trendy [I’m not, trust me], Read more…

Five Steps to the Perfect Day Hike

When you scroll through Instagram you often see impressive photos of tents perched at the edge of meadows or hikers standing on stunning vistas with massive backpacks. It’s beautiful, no doubt. However, it is also requires an incredible amount of work to get there. The backpacking hike itself isn’t even the hardest part. Getting all of the backpacking gear purchased [let alone packed!] is a challenge in and of itself. You most definitely earn those Read more…

Adventure Feet First - Packing Tip - Bike-Packing

Adventure Travel Packing Tips

Once you have your adventure planned it is time to start packing…or at least curating your packing list. This can take some time, especially if this your first time headed on this type of adventure or to a new country. Knowing what to pack is important. You don’t want to pack too much, but no one wants to get stranded without necessities!