Re-purposing Adventures...

We are motivated by adventure in nearly every decision we make…so with UP.cycled we bring adventure off the trails + into town with re-purposed adventure accessories.

Most of our items re-purpose popped bike tubes but we also utilize broken guitar strings, found buttons, busted bike chains + every other gadgets we discover while adventuring and creating. It’s the perfect excuse to bring adventure with you, every where!

Creating Bits + Bobs...

Each UP.cycled item or accessory is created by hand + each design is developed through a process of drawing, cutting, trial + error. I can create multiple pairs of earrings from a single popped bike tube. Every piece of rubber is cut out by hand so, yes, they do come with a bit of personality but that’s the appeal of handmade items, right!?

You can watch the creating process on Instagram Stories, or just follow along on Instagram for behind the scenes sneak peeks.

UP.cycled For Gauged Ears

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Where It All Began...

It all started on a whim when I saw a pair of bike tube earrings while traveling…but they were on hooks + I have gauged ears so I couldn’t wear them. I got to thinking — I ride bikes + I have bike tubes, I’ll make my own! I tend to be overly optimistic about my skill set when it comes to DIY projects, but this time I pulled it off.

Once I started wearing the re-purposed rubber earrings for my own plugs + tunnels I started getting compliments + requests for similar earrings on hooks + studs. Challenge accepted.

This became the beginning of a side hustle I fell in love with…UP.cycled bits + bobs. Over the years I’ve created a variety of earrings, added colorful beads, branched out into bracelets/necklaces + offer nearly every design in a tunnel or plug to fit nearly every ear piercing out there!

You may think you're at the end of something, but really...this is your chance to create something new!