Our Wedding Day

In the midst of all the unknowns of a worldwide pandemic we knew one thing…we wanted to make our life together official. We wanted to get married!

Our original plan for a wedding the Swiss Alps wasn’t a viable option so we created a pretty stellar Plan B.

On Thursday, June 25th we got up long before the sun, dressed up in wedding attire and started the hike along our backyard trails to the summit of Buffalo Mountain. Just the two of us, a few mountain goats and a photographer there to capture to moment.

We caught the sunrise, exchanged vows at the summit and frolicked in the wildflowers before heading to town for take out burgers and pie. It wasn’t what we had originally planned but it turned out to be very us… unusual, challenging and more fun than expected!

Chances are you didn’t hear about our little adventure until after we tied the knot and had photographic proof…but it wasn’t just you. We told very few people about our plans to hike a mountain and sign a marriage license at the summit. It was our little secret and even our family isn’t learning about it until their announcements arrive in the mail!

We had intended to use these amazing cards as invitations, but alas, there is no need for invitations if you’re going to elope up a mountain. So once again, we created a Plan B. Instead of sending invitations we decided to send announcements!

These cards were designed and created by Gemma Wiseman, the wife of the Chalet Martin duo we’re always gushing about. She sent them over from Switzerland and they promptly got stuck in customs. But they knew we needed them! They arrived on our wedding day! We got the notification from UPS as we were finishing up our lakeside lunch. Perfect timing!

Our Wedding Photos

The only person tagging along for our mountain top wedding was an adventure photographer. You’ll find a sneak peak of the photos as you scroll down. You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them. If you’d like any photos let us know…we can get you the good print-worthy ones!

All of these photos were taken by Donny O’Neill.  Please DO NOT save and print photos from this website. We only uploaded them here to digitally share the experience. If you’d like photos to print let us know — we can send you high quality images that will print better!

The Outtakes

…because if you can’t laugh at yourself someone else will…