The concept behind Adventure Feet First has been in the making for years. In 2014 our founder, Heidi Kumm, had the opportunity to travel indefinitely. She jumped at this chance, kicking off her adventures with a backpacking trip to the Patagonia region of Chile, followed quickly with two months in the Swiss Alps. Along the way Heidi learned the ins and out of world travel, one hilarious mishap and creative solution at a time. She honed in her travel tactics and perfected adventure travel on a budget.

Wanting to share her knowledge and planning skills with other she created Adventure Feet First, an adventure travel company.

As Heidi traveled many people asked questions about how she planned her trips, why she choose destinations, and where she went to find local hangouts. After planning a few getaways for family and friends she discovered a true need for adventure travel planning services. Not every adventurous traveler has the time, patience, or resources to put toward extensive research and planning. This often leaves them with one of two options — join a group guided tour or wing it while stressing about missing out. Heidi knew there had to be a simple solution to this problem.

Enter Adventure Feet First!

Adventure Feet First is an adventure travel company that specializes in various levels of trip planning. We provide services that offer personal recommendations for you to utilize in your own planning process as well as full service travel itineraries and reservations. Get more information on exactly what we offer here: Services.

The services we offer focus on travel within the United States, but Heidi has experience with adventure travel in Switzerland, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Chile, Mexico, and Canada. If you’re looking for assistance with international travel please reach out. We’re love helping people get outdoors and we’re willing to work with your specific requests.