Winter Wonderland
in Summit County

...without going skiing!

Summit County, Colorado is known for having epic ski resorts with miles upon miles of fun on your skis or snowboard. The concentration of downhill winter activities bring thousands of tourists to the area every season, for good reason. However, not everyone loves the adrenaline rush of flying down a mountain side on waxed skis. Don’t let that keep you in the condo — there are so many more options! From hiking to tubing to snowmobiling to fishing Summit County offers year-round adventure to everyone.

Here are Adventure Feet First we work with you to plot out the logistics of a perfect vacation whether it’s for a day, a weekend or longer. We do this by asking you how you enjoy getting outdoors and pairing your preferences up with what is available while you’re traveling. As the snow arrives in Summit County, Colorado this usually includes things like snowy hiking, ice fishing, snowmobile tours, dog sled tours, cross country skiing and so much more.

Our itineraries are available in varying degrees of detail to better suit your needs. We focus on planning either a single day, a full weekend or multiple days of outdoor adventures for you. These itineraries are created as either a timeline or a list of recommendations, again, whichever you prefer. We allow you to pick and choose because this is your vacation — we are just here to keep it stress-free! Select the length of itinerary you’re interested in below to get more information…

Why Choose AFF?

All itineraries are customized…specifically for you and what you enjoy doing outdoors.

Each itinerary we create at Adventure Feet First is created with you in mind. We do not create “cookie-cutter” itineraries that we mass distribute. When you choose us for your adventure planning you can be confident that your individual preferences direct every aspect of the final itinerary.

We do create group itineraries, but they are specific to that group. We do not provide group guided activities. Upon your request we will include guided activities in your itinerary. We do this by recommending local guide companies [from hiking to backcountry skiing to fly fishing to trail running to biking…Summit County has guides for everything!].

We plan for you…and your family…and your dog.

As pet owners we know how important it is to be able to adventure with your dog — in part because they’re great fun to have along and in part because leaving them at home or crated in a condo is no fun for anyone. This is why we will plan outings around your pup. Just let us know that you’ll be traveling with a dog and we will be sure to plan accordingly.

Also, your family! We plan for them too. While we don’t have children ourselves we do hit the trails and even camp with our friends that do have children. This has given us some valuable insight on the how’s and what’s of traveling with kids. Of course, family isn’t always young — we do have a lot of experience showing off Summit County to our parents and grandparents. Basically, we are well versed in getting groups with a wide range of physical fitness, outdoor comfort level and attention span into the outdoors…and having fun!

You are GUARANTEED a vacation with less stress and more fun.

That’s a bold statement…we used the word “guaranteed”, but we are just that confident. Plotting out the details of a vacation is a lot of work, especially if you’re doing it while balancing all your regular daily responsibilities [ya know, the ones that make you need this vacation!]. We understand this, which is why we are here to help make your vacation less stressful. From the moment you “start planning” with us until you return to your front door we promise you’ll find yourself having more fun, with less stress.

Also, since we did say “guarantee” we should probably put a promise behind it. If you do not feel less stressed about your upcoming mountain adventure when booking a Winter Wonderland in Summit County through Adventure Feet First we will give you a full refund for our planning services. All you need to do is contact us at hello@adventurefeetfirst.com and we will work out the details from there.

You will have the freedom and flexibility to finalize the number of people and exact activities when you’re ready.

Once we create your itinerary we will pass all of the details onto you, including all contact and booking information. We plan the logistics of your adventure but we do not make advanced reservations for you. This gives you a little more flexibility in your planning, especially if you are traveling with a non-committal group. If your brother isn’t sure he can get off work or if your friend still hasn’t booked their flight…that’s okay. You can relax knowing you have the game plan. Once they confirm you will have all the information you need to confirm bookings or reservations. Let us know if you do have a non-committal group, we will do our best to include back-up plans if we include activities that may sell out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Adventure Feet First is owned and operated by Heidi Kumm, an outdoor loving Summit County resident. She is a multi-sport athlete with a passion for travel. As the primary architect behind the adventures offered she is often outside seeking out new ways to share Summit County with others. Her go-to activity is trail running, but you’ll also find her mountain biking, bike-packing, snowboarding, backcountry touring, kayaking, hiking, backpacking…and all the other things. Heidi is the voice, smile and human behind Adventure Feet First. This is an ideal role for her as it allows her to use 15+ years of hospitality, customer service and adventure planning to create the perfect vacation for anyone looking to get outside without the stress of planning. Find more details here: Who We Are.

The ultimate goal at Adventure Feet First is to get outdoor enthusiasts…outdoors! In most cases this involves creating a customized itinerary filled with adventure. Each itinerary is created based upon what the individual, group or family is interested in, where they are traveling, how much time they have and the budget they are working with. The custom itineraries range from single-day logistics to weeks of travel planning.

The first step to an adventure itinerary is to gather accurate information. This is done with the questionnaire above. There is no such thing as too much information — the more the guest shares, the more personalized the itinerary will be.

Once the guest has provided detailed information about what they would like to do in Summit County I will start working on their itinerary. There will be some communication between myself and the guest to verify details or offer variations. When everyone is comfortable with the details a final itinerary is created. This itinerary will be sent directly to the guest and the adventure will begin!

As soon as possible! The more lead time the more likely rentals/reservations/etc will be available if needed.

At the very least, a single-day itinerary needs to be initiated via the Adventure Feet First booking form one week prior to arrival in Summit County. A 3-4 day weekend itinerary needs to have a booking form submitted two weeks prior to arrival. Anything longer than a 3-4 day weekend itinerary should be initiated at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

Prices vary by individual itinerary due to the level of customization. The guests’ budget is taken into consideration and the offering can be adjusted if needed. The biggest factors that contribute to the final cost include: number of activities, various skills/wants within a group, number of days planned, etc.

For the Winter Wonderland in Summit County itineraries — which are focused on winter adventures beyond the ski resorts — the starting costs are listed below:

:: One Day of Adventure // 6-8 hours // starting at $50 per family
:: Epic Weekend Adventure // 2-3 days // starting at $100 per family
:: Beyond the Weekend // 4+ days // starting at $150+

In short, no. Adventure Feet First will provide the guest with the link or phone number to make these reservations, but will not confirm any reservations. It may be possible to put a 24hour/short-term hold on space or equipment, but the guest will be required to confirm the reservation.

This is because of how much information is required for each person participating in the activity and the liability of payment. This allows gives you more flexibility in who you include in reservations, especially useful when traveling with a diverse group of friends or a family with varied interests.

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We’re always happy to chat adventure to please reach out if you have any questions. You can fill out the contact form below or send an email directly to hello@adventurefeetfirst.com.