Who We Are & What We Do

About Us

The concept behind Adventure Feet First has been in the making for years. In 2014 our founder, Heidi Kumm, had the opportunity to travel indefinitely. She jumped at this chance, kicking off her adventures with a backpacking trip to the Patagonia region of Chile, followed quickly with two months in the Swiss Alps.

Wanting to share her knowledge and planning skills with others she created Adventure Feet First, an adventure travel company. This was only the beginning…

Here at Adventure Feet First we have one goal — to get you outdoors to enjoy your free time.

We are a travel consulting and adventure planning company that focuses on helping outdoorsy people spend more time exploring the wilderness, take in quiet scenic overlooks, and soak up the history in cozy local establishments.

We make this happen by taking care of the trip planning process for you.

All you need to do is provide us with your preferred travel dates, destination, and budget.

We take that information and pull together our personal recommendations for you. This information is shared with you via a phone/video consultation. You can stop there or choose to continue on to a full itinerary or even a completely booked trip.

You decide what you love doing with your free time, we make it happen.