Adventure Travel Planning

...a few of the services we offer.

Road Trips + Van Life

Explore the back roads, public lands and small towns of the United States from the window of your car, with stops for impromptu adventure.

Self-Propelled Adventures

Discover the beauty nature has to offer by exploring dense forests, expansive overlooks and quite trails by foot, bike, kayak and more.

Mountain Summits

Take your adventures into the stunning mountain ranges around the world for epic day trips or extended backpacking expeditions.

What We Do…

…we send YOU on stress-free, adventure-filled vacations!

We aren’t even kidding, that is exactly what we are here to do. Adventure Feet First is an adventure planning and travel consulting company that focuses on getting outdoorsy people…well, outdoors. We do this by getting to know what you love doing and taking care of all the planning for you. Now you can go on vacation without stressing the details!

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What Adventurers Are Saying

...feedback from some of the travelers who have used our itineraries.
TJ + Jen

TJ + Jen

Western US Road Trip

"Heidi you have been phenomenal! This trip means a lot to us because we have been trying to go on it for the last 3 years. You taking the stress out of all the planning and routes has been such a relief. We want this trip to be epic and fun and not get caught up and stressed out. That’s the exact opposite of what we want and having you map it out for us....well I don’t have the words to describe the relief."



Colorado Rockies Weekend

"I had one mountain town that I knew nothing about but really wanted to visit. From that Heidi planned a three day trip that included awesome travel routes with local spots to check out and an adventure packed itinerary, which even included back up options in case the weather changed. Every detail including travel times, what to do, and where to eat were planned out for me so I could enjoy my trip without referring to Google the entire time."

Diane + Family

Diane + Family

Winter Cabin Getaway

"We have all visited Colorado before so we knew what we wanted to do, but didn't have the time to plan out every detail. We gave Heidi our timeline, told her what we wanted to do and got on the airplane. She had planned a day of skiing and a stay in a remote cabin with hot springs that we would have never found on our own. Perfect for a family of varying levels of outdoor experience."

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We provide customized travel itineraries that are focused on getting you outdoors to enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer. Each itinerary is personalized to meet your adventurous wants from mountains to beaches to deserts to...whatever you can dream up!

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